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Friday, February 27, 2009

Luna Maya Get Hillary Clinton Signature - Meet the world leaders, even dealing directly and at most mewawancarainya so excite for Luna Maya. This beautiful actress was admitted deg-degan hopes the event and even interviews with Hillary Clinton in DAHSYAT canceled. Luna who had oppressed this, in the end and it can even have a signature on the request of former U.S. first lady is.

Luna does not turn itself if it felt should be interviewed because important people in government is Barack Obama. "I hope that this event was not so, because I deg-degan until three days I could not sleep and I news anchor. According to me, I met with people who have a high enough pressure so deg-degan, the mad deh. Ketemu same time pak SBY aja I still fear is wrong, "said Luna is found in 6 RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Friday (20/02).

Events this interview was delayed for 24 minutes, because the U.S. Secretary of State must receive a phone call from the president. "Yesterday it was 24 minute delay, because he should receive a phone call from President Barack Obama. Yes so tense anymore. Fever was also the stage, let alone fit the RCTI 'DAHSYAT in the hands of you." Pas he entered with the smile he gives distinctive aura. But he was happy to tease people, "deception DIANA TWO stars Asmara this.

Luna the praise Hillary hospitality, was also the opportunity to obtain a signature. "Yes I was but I can see that both of the person. Up until the all-disalamin audience with him. And the chance they take the book, finally have a signature. While I do not carry the book but the clipboard, so finally I made the clipboard DAHSYAT to ask signature. clipboard Later I want them laminating a signature, "he added.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Luna Maya Gossip

Movie stars and presenters Luna Maya is furious with gossip marriage sirinya with Ariel 'Peterpan'. With satirical tone, Luna is also grateful that the gossip is. "The scandal has spread very grateful because my news is very exciting," she even found time after the events in the MU XL Cafe, Sarinah, Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, Selasa (6/1/2009).

Information simply gossip series Luna married with Ariel found day after the New Year. Luna and Ariel have been married in a series of December.Previous to the gossip, the Luna also had berujar ketus. Even if he married, he wanted to have a wedding should be the official letter