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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Luna Maya Give Comment Chimpanzee XL

Luna Maya artists have 'competition' as the new icons XL. In campaigns newest, XL display as stars flock chimpanzee ads. Luna said what?
"I do not fear tersaingi, why fear?" Luna said in the launch of BlackBerry service in the 1 Euphoria Cafe, Building Prima, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (31/10/2008).

Luna even reverse XL challenging to create an ad that shows him with the chimpanzee. "I think the idea is interesting. So the message is, we must also love animals. Moreover, this animal is rare," accuse him laughter greeted the audience.
The XL has also suggested extending the contract with Luna Maya. Meanwhile, a series of campaign-star chimpanzee is just as it alone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Luna Maya - " Dahsyat RCTI"

The Best TV program events "Dahsyat" on RCTI. Not Peace Dahsyat "Mr. Tung Desem, also not a matter of investigation "dahsyatnya MLM business", but the info about the music more formidable in the country, so if you want to no lag info-music more info top you can follow the event "Dahsyat" RCTI Music program. Guided by Trio "ROL", "Raffi Ahmad, Olga Syahputra and the beautiful Luna Maya. They portray the compact "Dahsyat" in RCTI, although sometimes one of them absent in one opportunity. I can from the web in RCTI, Dahsyat! Song hits the top row. Music event that displays their own country musicians will entertain the audience with the faithful who Dahsyat wave music!

Their TV program own good, to an event that info pop music hits again, have a segment of fans who are very knowledgeable, as charged by star guest artists who came up papa sometimes live in the studio sometimes also in the indoor outdoor, also the interaction between the audience and the presenters' close 'is very close to the stage to give kemeriahan own. Bang-bang is also a very good Olga spontaneous, even Raffi Luna Maya themselves, making the event "Dahsyat" flow of life and more interesting. Sometimes in a fans-fanatical fans of the stars invited guests who came to volunteer and make a rousing atmosphere and scene.

Send-a post, email portion is also given in this event, and sometimes make a game apart. 'Phone session' with the artist who sometimes left to guess for the presenter and audience also provide distinctive feel .. sometimes joke with one salan or even third presentet compact mengerjai artists are yangs call and vice versa.

Now .. .. we can see their presenting

Raffi Ahmad

For biography Raffi Ahmad please see here No doubt, the popularity Raffi Ahmad both flight hours as the sinetron, as presenters and performers in the last group BBB (No Ordinary Stars) that 'Backup 'full by the best musician Melly Goeslow. But in this case Dahsyat often become the 'monkey-teasing' by Olga and Luna Maya. Even already agreement (even though I believe only spices sweetener only .. aka not serious), if the songs BBB "Putus Nyambung" to Top # 1 in the version of the song Dahsyat, Olga Luna and willing to do anything for Raffi:), and I think this is the action of spontaneous-awaited from their fan. Raffi, which represents the style of the young of today, cheerful, romantic, cuek boy seemed to play into the event fresh ingredients' Dahsyat 'this. Sometimes "cuek", which speak frankly, but sometimes romantic and melankolis fans add this event.

Olga Syahputra

According to me, Olga very important role here, as he balancing between Raffi a cool man, with Luna Maya, beautiful and represent the modern woman. Olga successfully bring fresh ideas that can be arrested by Raffi and Luna, and vice versa. Able to respond spontaneously expressions of Raffi and Luna. Dialogue so that they will interact with the spontaneous and refreshing. Waria impression that prominent in the self-perfection Olga complete Raffi and Luna Maya.

Sometimes be a fun-teasing Raffi Olga is a weak in English language, the severe, but it can make a Olga weak to be jokes that invite laughter. Try to note, although more visible fat but a flexible and Olga look elegant if simulate oscillation Dewi Persik and Mulan jameela.

Luna Maya

Well, for one woman who is one of the attraction itself. A beautiful face with a slender body that makes high men will look upon ..:), hmm whomever men who are lucky to receive a love Luna Maya .. hopefully I dream .. heheh ya time a glimpse info blog Fansite luna maya can habituate in here. Luna Maya often be joke by RAFFI and Olga, if Raffi see often steal the opportunity with Luna Maya .. hehehe .. base .. I was even in the event 'Dahsyat', see Raffi attempt at a kiss Luna Maya, but with the deft Luna Maya avoid Raffi finally even the smell of Olga pas deket smth .. hehehe ... cueknya with Raffi .. .. while running spontaneous speech .. "I first Wudhu Olga smell out .. .. .. heheheh unclean" Olganya do cuek Luna Maya course .. .. heheh smile of satisfaction, there have only. Yah .. Luna Maya, surely in the waiting in each event "Dahsyat" although often absent. And here often bob up and down about the relationship with Olga Ariel Peterpan.

Dahsyat events even though I was terrible for me, a bit less comfortable many are the ads that appear as high rating. Ok Good luck "ROL" hopefully make fun of each other even if it may have irritated and between one another but dengah easy-easy tetep compact events always carries a Dahsyat