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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 Sexiest Woman

Did You Knew if Luna Maya became the sexiest girl from Indonesia the version of For Him Magazine Indonesia in 2007? If did not yet know take note his list along with this. 100 sexiest girls the version of FHM Indonesia 2007

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Luna Maya Advertising Model

Luna Maya to be ads model like Lux, Zestea, Sarimie, Vitalong C dan Bu Krim Detergen. Luna sexy and beautiful model in Sarimie Instans ads.

Luna Maya Another Gallery :

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Luna Maya Jakarta Undercover Movie

This film promoted the Jakarta city nightlife.A naked dancer (Luna Maya) must protect his brother who unintentionally witnessed the murder that was carried out by three young men. For the second hiding period beraudara this, they must witness all the underground lives in Jakarta that was full of the free association, the medicine was banned and corruption. Jakarta Undercover was a Indonesian drama film that was produced during 2006.

The film that was directed by Lance this was starred in part in by Luna Maya, Lukman Sardi, Fachry Albar and Christian Sugiono by putting forward several cameo like Fauzy Baadila, Mario Lawalata and Hanung Bramantyo. This film was promoted from the Moammar Emka work book with the same title, that was sold more than 20,000 copy in Indonesia.

Luna Maya Bikini Pose

AFTER his relations with the vocalist Peterpan Ariel could make was busy. Currently, Luna Maya again created the public's sensation with sold kemolekan his body. Liukan for the sake of liukan the Luna body in the bandage swimsuit the bikini model was printed in the camera of a professional photographer named Kay Moreno. Like the mermaid, the smooth body continued to dance under water, provoked the lust passion of his lovers.

Sea-Lebration Luna Mayat, was like this the photographer called art jepretan him that on the beautiful body the newcomer's artist. Several sides accused that these photographs were vulgar enough and including the category of pornography. However, the woman who was playing in the film of Silver Cinta this denied this discordant voice. Luna equivocated, his poses only the demand from his profession as an art worker.

I regarded that a work that headed to art not completely to pornography, objected he. Luna said, his willingness immortalised kemolekan his body in the pose that syur that the reason for the concept under water in the photograph indeed he wanted. Luna added, this photograph has been the vulgar limitation for himself. He then will not accept the offer more than that.

Source SCTV